iPhone Apps

Apart from the Flight Status App, we do offer other applications for the iPhone. Please do give them a try.

Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange is a Currency Converter application for your iPhone. It is currently available on AppStore. More details of this application are available here.


Track Flights with elegant maps with this intuitive application. You can check the status of all flights flying to and from US & Canada. More details are available here.


Trips brings together different aspects of your travel itinerary. You can manage your Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Meetings, Dinning and other appointments at your finger tips. More information is available here. The application is currently available on AppStore.  Screenshot tour is available here.


Converter is a Unit Conversion application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It converts units from 15 categories across 172 units. More information on this app is available here. It is available on AppStore.


Tasks is a simple application that lets you manage your tasks easily on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application is available on AppStore for $1.99


Rewards lets you manage your rewards & membership information in a single place. The app is currently available on AppStore for $1.99

Indian Flights

Indian Flights lets you check the status of all flights in India. It covers flights from 12 airline carriers running flights between 83 cities in India.

Next Flight

If you ever missed a flight and wondered when the next flight is or wanted to take the earlier flight and didn't know if there is an earlier flight, then Next Flight is the right app for you. This is currently available on AppStore.

The Date Calculator

Date Calculator is a simple and intuitive application for simple date calculations. This application comes with four useful tools for useful date calculations - Age Calculator, Duration Calculator, When tool and Countdown tool. The app is available on AppStore.

The Currency Converter

This Currency Converter provides up to date currency information from your base currency to other currencies. The app is currently available on AppStore for $0.99.

Portfolio Manager

Get information of your entire stock portfolio in your hand with Portfolio Manager. It is currently available on AppStore for $2.99.

Travel Toolkit

Travel Toolkit application brings together multiple travel apps in one single package. It includes tools like Flight Status, Travel Manager (with TripIt integration), Currency Converter, Unit Converter & Travel Rewards. It is currently available on AppStore.

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