Flight Status: Screenshots

The core functionality lets you check the status of almost all flights around the world from thousands of flights from 1143 Airline carriers around the world from 4246 Airports.

Apart from checking the flight status, you can also check the status of the flights and manage your flights into Trips so that you can easily check the status in a single screen. The Flight Status screen also displays maps for En Route flights in US.

This is the home screen for Flight Status. You have tabs on the top to choose by which method you'd  like to search for the status of your flight. This screen shows the Search by Flight Number.

If you don't know the Flight Number, you can search by the Source and Destination Airports.

If you don't know the Source of the Flight, you can search for Flights departing or arriving at any airport around the world.

This is the key screen where you can view the status of the flight.

Other details of the Flight Status page. It includes Terminal, Gate & Baggage information whenever the data is available.

When you search for flights between two locations, you get a listing of all available flights along with their status.

When you have multiple results through route search, you can filter them by Airline.

For En Route Flights, you'll see two tabs on the top that also provide an option to even view the Maps or Add the flight to Trips module. Maps are available for En Route flights in US.

Clicking on the Maps tab shows the maps for all flights worldwide

At the bottom of the map, Arrival information is available for the flight.

When you click an Airport (US & Canada only for now), we show the Arrival/Departure delays along with Weather Forecast Information. Tap on the temperature to get the values in Centigrade

You can also view the map of all airports around the world. These maps are zoomable maps available for all airports. Click on the icon again to go back to the weather and Arrival/Delay Delay info.

You can add a Flight to the trip with the 'Add to Trip' option. If you don't have a trip, you can create one.


You can select from any of the 4246 Airports around the world. This screen also includes City & Country information. It also remembers recently used Airports.

You can also choose from 1143 Airlines around the world. This screen remembers recently used Airlines.

You can create multiple trips under the new 'Trips' section.

You can add multiple flights to a Trip

You can view all the Flights from your Trip in a single screen.

The Flight Details page holds additional information like Cofirmation number etc

The application is improving at a rapid pace and you'll see more enhancements from us going forward. We'd love to hear your feedback on this application. Please drop us a line and  let us know how we can improve this application.